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Breast Cancer Awareness Session

31 Oct 2023


DLI Launches 'Pink October' Health Talk with Dr. Asma Nawaz.

Breast cancer awareness goes beyond medical check-ups; it's about creating a supportive community. This October, we're excited to launch the "Pink October Health Talk" with Dr. Asma Nawaz, a General Practitioner at Al Tadawi Specialty Hospital. This initiative underscores our commitment to employee well-being, turning our workplace into a supportive health-focused community.

Our health talk equips our workforce with essential knowledge, emphasizing early detection, prevention, and understanding of breast cancer risk factors. We highlight the importance of early detection and self-examinations in identifying breast cancer at its most treatable stages. Education is our weapon in the battle against breast cancer, emphasizing a healthy lifestyle, good eating habits, and an active life for prevention.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Asma Nawaz for her invaluable contributions to this initiative. Together, we stand strong in the fight against breast cancer.