Managing Director

 “At the DLI Group, our Corporate vision is aligned and intricately woven with our People vision giving them plethora of opportunities to grow with the group.”

Mr. Jamal Alsuwaidi
Managing Director, DLI Group

Director - People & Culture

“Our culture fosters excellence and individual initiative by giving them space to experiment and encouraging them to be creative & innovative.”

Mr. Arun Kumar
Director, People & Culture, DLI Group


To learn, develop & grow as professionals

Our employees are our biggest assets, and we leave no stone unturned in providing all possible assistance to help them grow both professionally & personally.

Performance Management System:

Our set KPIs provide employees with clear goals they need to achieve. The 360-degree evaluations and instant feedback from the managers in real time and not just annual reviews profoundly help employees in assessing their strengths, weaknesses, and performances.

Leadership Development programs:

Leadership Development Programs are experiential in nature and use innovative methodologies for designing and delivering learnings.

Coaching & Mentoring:

Coaching & Mentoring is an engagement format between Senior Managers and individuals or teams and is largely viewed as an opportunity to pass on skills/knowledge to the individual or teams; that could help the mentee in succeeding professionally.

Self-development Goals:

Employees are encouraged to set goals for themselves to steer their career in the desired direction. Formal Learning, Work-based learning, Self-directed learning, and Professional activities are few of the activities planned for employees.

Effectiveness matters@DLI:

Our culture stresses more on being effective and not simply busy! Effectiveness is hence not measured by late sitting / working on holidays or weekends, on the contrary we like to see how quickly and how well an employee gets the work done – especially under deadlines.
DLI Library: Knowledge is power. We firmly believe in this and would soon be having our own library that would house management, business, economy, skill enhancement or reference books for employees.


At DLI, we encourage and nurture all forms of diversity. We respect differences that are fundamental to an individual’s identity such as age, gender, ethnicity, race, physical ability, mental ability, sexual orientation as well as latent and invisible differences that shape our perspectives like, education, work experience, parental status, etc.

We are committed to being an equal opportunity employer, maintaining dignity and respect for all.

We strive to create a work environment where all employees can develop and grow to achieve their full potential.