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The objective of providing corporate documents here is to give visitors an idea about our group and its services. These documents are DLI Group’s property and must be used for information purpose only.


A powerful and effective tool, DLI brochure provides crucial information endorsing our brands and services. It has been created to effectively raise the cognizance of our offerings.


DLI Group Brand Guidelines

DLI Group brand guidelines document gives you an understanding of our brand element and their correct application across marketing materials. This reference document will make it easier for anyone to understand these aspects and establish a consistent brand voice in all mediums.

DLI Group Style Guide includes:

  • Brand Logo
  • Typography
  • Logo Applications

DLI Corporate Presentation

Highly advantageous in the business and corporate realm, this corporate presentation is an effort to put across our valuable information in an effortless manner.

DLI Corporate Presentation includes:

  • About DLI Group
  • Info on DLI Group companies
  • Services