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Holding Company’

Apar Investment Group - which later became the Dubai Limited Investment Group - was incepted as a holding company for strategic investments.


Healthcare Medical Center

To provide excellent healthcare to everyone in the community in the UAE, Healthcare Medical Center was constructed.


Entered in F&B segment

Forayed into the F&B segment and introduced Gourmet Catering by highlighting the welcoming hospitality for which we are known in the UAE market.


Laundry Services

With an intend to innovate and develop new laundry services to better serve the customers in the region, Lavender City Laundry was formed.


Facilities Management

Identifying a huge potential in facilities management industry, HP Facilities Management company was established.


Travel & Tourism

To cater to the ever-increasing travel & tourism demand in the world’s leading tourism destination and commercial hub, Apar Travel & Tourism was incepted.